Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hadoop use cases


Time to time we come across different interesting scenarios and use cases of Big Data which have a direct positive impact (weather forecast) and negative impact (user surveillance) on our lives. Here are some of the ones we found too interesting to share.

If you are involved in any interesting Big Data scenarios, please let me know and I will add it to this page. You can get my email from the `About Me` section on this blog.


Managing sewage like traffic thanks to data -


How India’s favorite TV show uses data to change the world -

Process a Million Songs with Apache Pig -

Health Care

Neural Network for Breast Cancer Data Built on Google App Engine -

Processing Rat Brain Neuronal Signals Using A Hadoop Computing Cluster – Part I -

Big Data in Genomics and Cancer Treatment -

Big data is the next big thing in health IT -

Big data and DNA: What business can learn from junk gene -

UC Irvine Medical Center: Improving Quality of Care with Apache Hadoop -

Lessons from Anime and Big Data (Ghost in the Shell) -

6 Big Data Analytics Use Cases for Healthcare IT - 

IT Infrastructure

Hadoop for Archiving Email

The Data Lifecycle, Part One: Avroizing the Enron Emails

Fraud Detection & Crime

Using Hadoop for Fraud Detection and Prevention -

Big data thwarts fraud -

Hadoop : Your Partner in Crime -

Ad Platform

Why Europe’s Largest Ad Targeting Platform Uses Hadoop -


Big data is stealth travel site's secret weapon -


Big Data in Education

Network Security

Introducing Packetpig


Enterprise and security



Adopting Apache Hadoop in the Federal Government -

10 days big data changes everything -

Biodiversity Indexing: Migration from MySQL to Hadoop -

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