Monday, July 22, 2013

Hadoop in ETL process

Traditional ETL architectures can no longer provide the scalability required by the business at an affordable cost. That's why many organizations are turning to Hadoop. But, Hadoop alone is not a data integration solution. Performing even the simplest ETL tasks require mastering disparate tools and writing hundreds of lines of code. Hadoop ETL Solution provides a smarter approach, turning your Hadoop environment into a complete data integration solution!

Everything you need for Hadoop ETL. No coding, No Tuning, No Kidding!

  • Connect to any data source or target
  • Exploit mainframe data
  • Develop MapReduce ETL jobs without coding
  • Jump-start your Hadoop productivity with use case accelerators to help you build common ETL tasks
  • Build, re-use, and check impact analysis with enhanced metadata capabilities
  • Optimize performance and efficiency of each individual node
  • Never tune again

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